Workhub is a platform to capture how teams work together and to explore how the world works.

The Challenge

The founders needed a beta version of their designed prototype built, which aims to help individuals and organisations communicate and share best working practices. It had a significant number of complex features and required a lot of thought and consideration around performance.

The Solution

We built an app which:
  • Allows users to document their ways of working using a rich text editor to form ‘pages’, and to organise these pages in ‘workbooks’
  • Implements version control to enable users to return to previous versions of a document, and see how it has changed over time
  • Enables users to fork pages/workbooks and edit them to reflect their own ways of working
  • Builds in notifications so users know how other people are interacting with their content
  • Contains ‘like’ and ‘watch’ features to understand popularity of content
  • Allows users to search all content by keywords, filter results by time periods and rank them according to likes/watches/forks

See The Real Deal


Check out Workhub here

"InFact were awesome. They were incredibly flexible and easy to work with. They shared our passion for the Workhub product and you can see that in the work that they did for us. We’re looking forward to working with them on the next phase! "

Jess Leitch, Co-founder of Workhub